ENJO Family

Young and Passionate

Each member of ENJO is passionate and aspires to contribute to the development of the company. Bring more value to the community and society.



Become a leading media and entertainment company in Southeast Asia. Bringing Vietnamese creativity to the world.


Staying creative and innovative to serve community with high quality entertainment products.

Core Values


For the community: Business development is associated with social benefits.
For officers and employees: Create the best conditions for each employee to improve their professional skills, promote their talents, make efforts at work, be creative, curious to learn techniques, technology, and care. to material life. quality and create useful spiritual playgrounds for all employees.
For partners: Always put the spirit of honesty on the top when performing transactions, aiming for win-win cooperation and development.


At ENJOHUB, we always uphold the spirit of questioning, absorbing new knowledge, new skills. Considering learning as an important core value for ENJOHUB people because: Only learning can help us to become more and more perfect, progress and mature in the future.


The ENJOHUB team is always working hard and passionately. We understand that success is not only based on talent but also requires effort and perseverance.


Creativity is the foundation for launching new products, constantly improving, improving efficiency in accordance with the needs and tastes of customers and partners.


Our team values the spirit of sharing because only sharing is the fastest means to spread creativity and solidarity.